Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan

I don't know or what countries you've been to if you speak any other languages but I'd like to meet you I don't know if you drive if you love I don't know if you write letters or still I'd like to call you all the same, if you want to, I am game.

I don't know if you can swim or if the sea if you're better in the morning or I'd like to talk to you I don't know if you can dance if the thought if you eat what you've been given or still I'd like to cook for you all the same, I would want to, I am game,

If you walk my way and I could we could creep away in the dark or maybe not, we could anyway.

I don't know if you or the magazines if you love the hand that feeds you I assume that I know I'd like to know you you don't know if I can draw at all or if I sleep like a spoon or rarely at all or maybe you would do? maybe you would do

if I walk your way I will keep my head we will through the dark though I don't know you I think that I would do I don't at all

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