Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Are Family

Listen to song and decide if the words that appear in the boxes are true or wrong. If they are wrong, try to figure out the right ones and click on the arrows to check your understanding.

Everyone can see we’re
As we on by
And we flock just like of a feather
I won’t no lie
All of the
around us they say,
“Can they be that ?”
Just let me state for the
We’re giving in a family dose

We are fmaily
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up everybody, sing

We are family, etc.

Living life is
And we’ve just begun
To get our share of this delights
High hopes we have for the
And our goal’s in
No, we don’t get

Here’s what we call our rule:
Have faith in you and the you do
You won’t go , oh no
This is our family

We are family, etc.

Flock like birds of a feather = stay together, like birds of the same species
State for the record = say so that everybody knows it
Dose = the amount of a medicine you have to take
Delights = nice things
Our goal = what we are trying to do
Jewel = a valuable stone, e.g. a diamond

Song facts:
The song was originally recorded in 1979 by Sister Sledge, four sisters whose last name was Sledge. The writes of the song (Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers) got the idea for the song from seeing how well the four sisters got along with each other.
We Are Family was a worldwide hit and became an anthem for women’s groups, sports teams, and political parties.

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